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Psychologists List 5 Warning Signs That You Need Anger Management

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The Brossard psychologists highlight anger management training as one of their most important services. That’s not surprising, because a lot of issues today can make even the most even-tempered person feel infuriated. You’ve got incompetent buffoons in government positions, the barrage of bad news in the media, the never-ending work issues, and the constant stream of personal problems.

Actually, getting angry is normal. It’s part of being human. However, it can get problematic when you’re unable to control your anger. It can make you hurt people and you can lose your job, alienate family and friends, and perhaps even send you to prison.

Anger management can help you take better control of your anger, but do you really need it? Here are some signs that may indicate anger management is a good idea for you:

  1. You can’t let go of your anger. Anger is like most types of physical pain. Generally, it passes. That’s especially true when a lot of time has passed after the incident that made you angry. It’s one thing to remain angry for a few hours after someone said something nasty to you. It’s another thing if it’s been a few years and you still feel anger about that incident. You need to let go, or else the anger can consume you.
  2. Your anger is disproportionate to the cause. People can get into a towering rage when they see someone hurting their child. This is natural and common. What’s not natural is if you react the same way simply because a waiter didn’t cook your meal the way you specified it when you ordered, or because you just can’t find a book you want to read in the library.

If you always go nuclear as a reaction to incidents that should only be mildly annoying, then you certainly have an anger management problem. Going to a psychologist can help you discover and deal with the underlying cause of that anger.

  1. There’s no apparent reason for the anger. For some people with anger management problems, there seems to be an obvious cause for it. The basic definition of healthy anger is that it is a natural response to an annoying or upsetting incident. When there’s no incident to cause that anger and yet that anger is undeniably there, then you have a serious problem that you may want to discuss with psychologists.
  2. Your friends suggest that it may be a good idea for you to get anger management. When a single friend tells you this, the most common reaction is disbelief. After all, it’s very natural to feel that this friend may be overreacting to your very understandable outbursts. However, if you hear this suggestion from several people, then perhaps there’s something there that you can’t see. It’s like having dirt on your face—other people can more readily notice it than you can.
  3. People you hang out with walk on “egg shells” around you. Be more observant. Are your friends, family, and coworkers smiling and relaxed around others, while they’re very guarded around you? Some people may even make excuses so that they can leave your presence. This can be a very telling sign, as they may be wary about provoking you and causing you to be angry at them. If a lot of people feel intimidated by your presence, reflect on why and see if it’s because you snap at them for the smallest of reasons.

With proper anger management, you can improve your behavior and demeanor so that you can function better with others. You may be surprised at how much better your life is when you can manage your anger more effectively.