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On Existence – Joshua Lindsey From Utah

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Existence is an item from the nature. Like several natural products it features its own limitations. Its’ a real ‘limited period offer’ once we exist or remain on this earth for a while of your time. It features its own good and the bad also. We must face existence after accepting this truth. There is nothing permanent here, however the paradox is the fact that everything we think, everything we do, we always consider a lasting and guaranteed future. Many things can happen anytime, but we can’t accept it. We always believe that whatever we want to do for the enjoyment of existence ought to be permanent. Even during the time of dying we believe to postpone the sunshine in order to save utility bill. We can not accept dying. Many of us know that it’s the only truth, we all know, in the future within our existence eventually and all sorts of all of those other things of existence are uncertain. But nonetheless dying isn’t an acceptable truth though its’ the only real certain and inevitable a part of existence. Therefore we cannot consider departing this earth making an finish for this mortal existence, even when, we don’t accept cordially the senior years because it announces the finish. We do not like wrinkles in faces, hair loss along with other indications of senior years within our body. This is because we always wish to be youthful, we don’t accept something that informs that the time will probably be ended and you’ll have to anticipate to leave. We fear dying once we consider it as being the finish of the journey of existence, the finish in our mortal existence. This journey might be sweet or bitter but we can’t accept the finish.

The question arises, why we all do so? Could it be why due to our anxiety about dying we struggle to create a guaranteed existence, we make savings or we do not accept negative situations and proceed with existence? Our intention to savor the pleasures of existence whenever possible, remain youthful as lengthy as you possibly can has other significance. Additionally, it proves that people don’t accept nature to manage ourselves. Right from the start from the civilization individual has began his journey from the wishes of nature. Nature has stored him in jungles, in trees, but he makes houses to create existence guaranteed. Nature gives him fruits but he starts cultivation to secure food. Nature has provided him physically a lot of strong animal opponents, but man makes weapons to battle against. He finds out using fire, using wheel to help make the existence prosper in a large number of ways. So fighting against everything is the driving pressure of civilization in addition to of existence. We don’t wish to accept defeat, don’t accept dying to create an finish of existence. Its’ proven fact that we disregard the truth but its’ also correct that we always wish to combat dying, against something that harms our living well and easily.


I usually do not result in the situations win, to battle against it unto the final. Existence features its own good and the bad. I’ve faced diet program them, but never threw in the towel. You may be a champion should you struggle hard, resolute not to help make the negative situations win. Existence isn’t a bed of roses. You came here to reside happily when i did never accepting the defeat. So continue, much of your journey of existence continues to be in front of you, allow it to be and finish it having a smile. The planet is awaiting you.