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CrossFit Rigs Offer The Widest Variety of Workouts

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A lot of people have joined CrossFit. Of course, it is easy to dive into something like that when you can see the results first hand—and at such an impressive rate!  But as fun and as reliable as it might be, setting up a CrossFit gym is another thing entirely. It might be a smart investment in both your financial future and your health, but—as all good investments go—it will cost a pretty penny to get started.

The good news is that you don’t have to overextend when you are getting started. One of the best characteristics of the CrossFit gym is that the whole system is designed to adapt. It can adapt to your space and you can adapt it to your budget.Image result for CrossFit Rigs Offer The Widest Variety of Workouts

For example, you can start with one of many different central functional training station by Platinum Rig.  Typically, the central functional training rigs provide space for several basic exercises: squats, ring dips, pull ups, lifts, etc.  Obviously, the bigger the rig, the more versatile the workouts you can do with it.

Central rigs can feature various combinations of:

    • 6 to 8 squat stations
    • up to 24 pull up stations
    • muscle up stations
    • up to 8 Olympic barbell mount stations
    • up to 8 wall ball stations
    • rope climb stations

Once you establish a CrossFit gym with your central functional training station, you can expand on that with alternative rigs.  Not ever space is the same—and neither is every workout—and CrossFit, of course, specializes in keeping the body guessing. As such, you will want to investigate the various alternative rigs too, as this will really increase the number of workouts you can do as well as the results you can get.

Alternative rigs may not only introduce new or expanded equipment but might also introduce new ways to use the equipment you have.

    • The Wall Rig, for example mounts along the wall, of course, letting you use the rope climb with the wall. It can also have pull up stations and additional squat stations
    • The Hybrid L rig can be customized in just about any way you want to give you more mounted ropes, pull up bars, squat stations, [irregular] monkey bars, and muscle up rings. However, the Hybrid L rig might also introduce a cargo net and an obstacle course-type section.